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AGROFRUT is the leader in the trade of fresh fruit and vegetables on the Polish market. 1992. Our offer is directed at grocery producers, wholesalers and supermarket chains.

Our mission is to deliver products of the highest quality. We achieve this through the implementation of a policy based on the principle of balanced and sustainable development, and taking into account the needs of suppliers and customers.

Goods are obtained exclusively from trusted agricultural producers from the ecologically clean areas of southern and eastern Poland, where the high quality soil, moderate climate and agricultural traditions guarantee the highest quality for our produce. Every order is realized according to its individual requirements.

We possees the innovative sorting machines which quarantee that our products meet highest clients needs.

We guarantee transport to each place of the world.

We can provide you with the following products:

FRUIT: raspberries, strawberries, walnuts, blackcurrant, cherries, black chock-berry, plums, apples

VEGETABLES: carrots, cucumbers, onion, potatoes, celeriac, white beans (large, medium, kidney), red kidney beans, cabbage